I'm Zigfrids Niklavics - a creative professional from Riga, Latvia.

I help brands and studios find creative solutions to a wide range of problems. My work ethic is a mix of serious dedication and efficiency combined with occasional goofiness. I obey the deadline god and respect the people I work with.

When I'm not working you can find me singing in the choir, dying at the gym, nerding out about guitars and tech or spending time with my significant other.

Roles you can hire me for:

  • Animation direction

  • Frame by frame animation

  • After effects animation

  • Motion graphics

  • Character design & animation

  • Storyboard & illustration

  • Rigging & expressions

  • Basic 3D work (Blender)

Brands and studios I've worked with:

Google, Netflix, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Conde Nast Travelers, Colgate, Omniva, Tet, Folio Lab, Scram studio, Rocketpanda, Cube, McCann, Overpriced, Panic studio


How I work


You are a studio or an agency and you happen to be a bit short on working hands. I can join your team on a day rate basis and fill in the gaps to finish the project on time, without f*@#ups and take the weight off your mind.


You are a brand or an agency and you need a creative solution to a problem (e.g. explainer, animated illustrations, lottie files). After understanding the problem, I come up with a solution starting from the conceptual phase all the way to the design and animation phase. If necessary I team up with my trusted creatives and we craft the solution together.

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